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High quality of various networking sites, no need for a united activist site?

From [[WSF2008 site specifications v4]]

Again there can be various such hub sites, but the need for hub sites conveying social forum identity is there, whereas the idea of a “single networking site” will be increasingly unrealistic given the high level of quality of various networking sites


James wrote something on your Wall.

Key modules for WSF2008

Key modules and some documentation for each:

Organic groups:

Organic Groups: Enable users to create collaborative groups

Feature overview
Drupal 5.x

The internationalization package is a set of modules that add multilingual content capabilities to Drupal.


Agaric wants a GUI chmod calculator

Agaric Wants...

Find or make a web app that let's you check off the read, write, execute flags for owner, group, public and see what the chmod number is.


Drupal registration e-mail done right: no sending password back to user

Drupal (with LoginToboggan I assume) does welcome e-mails right. I can't stand sites that ask for your password, and then e-mail it back to you. Sure makes me feel my confidential information is in good hands.

This is an example of a registration e-mail done right:


Hi Benjamin Melançon!

WSF2008 promotional banners

could Dan start working on a few proposals for Banners. They could be generic for now, we are working on the text: "Jan. 26th, 2008 - Another world is possible" - "Participate to the Global day of action", etc.

[I also though that it would be great if we could make some kind of widget that "counts down" the days to the 26th of Jan and that can be used as a banner]


The latter would be a graphic that Drupal has to update, and is hosted on our server. I'm sure there are PHP scripts for this if nothing else.

Opt-in for contact from future WSF activities so site doesn't dead-end

An aside: I was thinking it would be great if all the events like the US social forum could send their lists to be pre-registered with But they didn't ask people permission for this ahead of time, of course. Should we have a checkbox for "Let coming social forums in my area use my registration information" and/or "share with national social forum groups"?

WSF2008 user menu (functionality) suggested by Pierre

Proposed user menu (functionality) from Pierre:

with some minimum rules politically communicable
and light protocols (only individual actions)

see a first proposed menu/action list

Proposed list of user Menu in

User menu in front page (all actions are one click and do not need further confirmation by anybody)


Sign the call and register at the same time

Edit my signature ( one person can have two identifiers with a same mail address

Users can create text-to-image banners to promote their action

I just had a "great" idea... but we have to see if it is possible to implement it.
Do you know of any freesoftware online banner creator that could be "integrated" in the website, so people could have some pre-made templates and add their slogans, then press a button and get a .gif file ready for their website?

Something like:

Jason Nardi


Partial Install Profiles

Agaric wants configuration profiles, that potentially can be combined, as well as applied later than the original installation.

And it seems like we can have it!

  • ben

I know I should do more reading and trying before asking, but are partial install profiles possible? Can (parts of) install profiles be used after a site is already up and running? Should this use of canned configuration be tried?

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