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I want to just disable the alt (option) arrow as browser back one page behavior

i never press backspace by accident in a form, but i am used to option left arrow moving back one word at a time, not having the whole page go back. The benefit of backspace is that it works like a backspace when you are in a form element. The damn alt left arrow thing makes you go back no matter what you're doing on a page.

Not an answer:

Installing Drubuntu

This is for Ubuntu 10.10 with the intention of doing primarily Drupal 7 development.

Get the link to the current version of Drubuntu from the Drubuntu project page, and use it thusly:

tar -xzf drubuntu-7.x-10.10-beta1.tar.gz

Twitter clients for Ubuntu

Waiting on this...

Because Gwibber Microblogging Client and Twitux aren't working at all (for Ubuntu 9).

Am i missing something?

Agaric would like to sync Tomboy / Gnote with a Drupal site like Data.Agaric

Should be quite possible as Tomboy notes are saved in XML; not finding anyone doing it.

In Drupal, it would make sense to make Tomboy notes their own content type, so they could have their special linking, but full web content with pictures and taxonomy and all that good stuff would be separate, and could reference/include Tomboy notes.

Increase main partition size in Ubuntu within VMWare Fusion

That was well nigh impossible. GUI fail, on gparted's part.

These steps won't be 100% complete because it's 7:15am and i spent the last hour frying my brain on this stuff (after the brain unilaterally called a break about 2:15am and i fell asleep), but they do fill in some gaps other resources out there don't quite cover. Some even seem to (falsely) suggest that unallocated space must be made into its own partition first. Here are some of the better links; my (final working) steps below.

Dvorak international keyboard makes typing on Ubuntu awesome

The Dvorak international layout makes Ubuntu as smart as a Mac for dead-straightforward sensible access to accented characters and other goodies.

It adds a "third layer" (after plain key presses as the first layer and after typing with the shift key held down as the second layer), and it puts all the international-style characters we are likely to use

So let's do it.

Open folders in terminal in Ubuntu

sudo aptitude install nautilus-open-terminal

Ubuntu keyboard shortcuts

I've been using Ubuntu part time and it took me forever to find these critically useful navigation-aiding shortcuts:

ctrl option [left arrow, right arrow] switches desktops

ctrl option shift [left arrow, right arrow] switches desktops taking the active window with you

option tab (and option shift tab) cycle through the open windows on a desktop in most recently used (and reverse) order.

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