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Dvorak on Ubuntu (after something goes wrong)

Update: You probably won't run into any of the troubles below. See for how to set up Dvorak on Ubuntu in the first place.

Setting Dvorak as the default keyboard worked out of the box in Ubuntu. Someone else used the virtual machine and changed things and it broke now.

Currently, only way to change is:

setxkbmap dvorak

Using the system preferences user interface for keyboard settings does nothing and triggers this error in the background:

Eject a CD from Ubuntu

This is what worked to have my Ubuntu virtual machine eject a CD from my Mac's disk drive:

eject /dev/cdrom1

Support Request to VMWare: Stable IP Address to access Ubuntu guest from Mac OS host

How can i make the IP address at which my host Mac OS accesses my Ubuntu guest stay stable. This is with the network in NAT mode, of course, because bridged is a stable IP... for one location.

To be very clear, this is the value for "inet6 addr" when typing ifconfig on the Ubuntu guest command line:

Slick top-level-domain style URLs for your local development sites on Ubuntu (and Mac OS X running Ubuntu in a VM)

In order for the cool style addresses for sites you are developing locally (rather than from my Mac OS X environment as well as Ubuntu running in a virtual machine, this method uses the IP address available locally that you can find out by typing ifconfig in a shell terminal. It's what follows the text "inet". With luck that is a stable IP address, running in bridged mode (i think) with VMWare Fusion this seems to be working so far. The problem with bridged mode is that it only works with your own internet connection.

Increase scrollback history in Ubuntu's shell

Ubuntu shell scrollback
ubuntu shell history

In Terminal

Edit » Profile Preferences

Scrolling tab

Scrollback option

Clipboard manager with snippets for Ubuntu?

Mac! But not Linux! Clyppan is what i'm using now. Adequate but history-only. See for selected clippings and history.

Glipper, installable through the graphical package manager, is only a clipboard history and isn't doing it for me; it's not even as good as Clyppan.

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