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Display a Drupal login form anywhere with PHP, including in page content

Update: I gave slightly incorrect code, I'm pretty sure swapping out 'user_register' to put in 'user_login' will work just fine:

dan hak 3:08
whats the code for the login block

benjamin melançon 3:09

Ask Agaric: Upload photos and display them on a page with introduction

Hi Ben,

I have some things like photos and some audio files and whatnot I could add to the site.

How do I know where something will end up and how it will be listed on the menus? For some reason I haven't figured that out.

For example, say I want to upload 10 photos from the old contest and want to show them on a page that also has brief text about the last contest. What menu/s will it show up under. Same for a couple of podcast files.

Is it easier for me to just make these entries part of my blog posts?


How to theme (lots of) views the Agaric Way

I3IVIIVI: now, take a look at the template.php file
(10:20:54 AM) Dan Hak: you took out repeating code?
(10:21:15 AM) I3IVIIVI: yes, exactly
(10:21:22 AM) I3IVIIVI: the code that you knew was repeating
(10:21:35 AM) I3IVIIVI: because you weren't even copying it from the wizard anymore
(10:21:49 AM) I3IVIIVI: you were just changing that one spot :-)
(10:22:11 AM) I3IVIIVI: it was actually harder to refactor than I thought. I shouldn't have done it now

Serving up a different page.tpl.php for different browser types (i.e., IE6) with your Drupal theme

if you figure out just the most major IE issues
that would be good enough

I was able to figure out some CSS background image display problems, but the frustrating failure of columns (right column dropping below all content, left column being pushed out in front of the main content with narrow displays.)

This latter is a problem in all of bluebreeze, incidentally.

Locale subset module motivation: remove, hide, get rid of non-public UI strings


Doing the World Social Forum site right now has brought up two questions for me:

First, is there a way to tell either the translation interface or a PO export to ignore all strings in /admin pages?

Disable delete for regular users

Conclusion: Because Drupal 6 finally introduces delete permissions separate from edit permissions, Agaric's motivation for providing truly proper behavior went the way of "why do today what's been done for you tomorrow?"

Instead, we present a dirty hack.

A tweak to Agaric's form tweak module that:

Remixing Drupal the Agaric Way: Multilingual Panels

Step 1: Find a function that does some or most of what you want.
Step 2: Find another function that does the rest of what you want.
Step 3: Mash them together.

The situation this time: we have a Drupal 5 site (World Social Forum 2008) with i18n (internationalization module) and need translated content to show up in panels.

Update: Go straight to the patch.

Get a node's taxonomy terms that are in a given vocabulary

well, duh:


(No, I am not making that function name up! This is a function provided by Drupal's core taxonomy module.)

taxonomy_node_get_terms_by_vocabulary($nid, $vid, $key = 'tid')
modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module, line 744


Find all terms associated with the given node, within one vocabulary.


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