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Make WAMP bend to your will in Windows Vista

So if you've found this you may as well get yourself a cookie now, in fact go and grab a whole box, and you can eat them in bed too, because after you read this your life will change.

Well, at least if you're trying to make WAMPServer run in Windows Vista

Enough talk, here is the crucial info you need, and as you read what is below and eventually get wamp working, know in your heart that you did it The Agaric Way...

Step 1 - find this file

Step 2 - open it

Step 3 - eat a cookie, you deserve it

Importing a large number of Taxonomy terms (Gene Ontology) regularly

Here is the new approach for importing a lot of taxonomy terms:

Parse the entire file into terms and their data.

Load existing terms by name or, preferably if available, a unique ID. Process these with individual taxonomy_term_save commands (enhanced to allow custom operations via a hook). This is a big for loop.

How to setup save to PDF Functionality in Drupal 6

Here's a quick and easy way to make your clients cry tears of joy... Give them one click 'save to PDF' on any Drupal node

All you need is the print module, which you can find here -->

My Ubuntu Environment

How to set up Ubuntu so it works with Ben's head.

Clipboard history:
sudo apt-get install glipper

Graphical diff/merge tool:
sudo apt-get install meld

More Ubuntu Configuration Tips

from Dan:

CompizConfic: Check off, under extras, Windows Preview, to see the windows when you alt tab.


Switch to a working theme via the database after deleting a theme leads to WSOD

OK, maybe there are other situations where this can come up but in this case my esteemed colleague deleted the only enabled theme. This resulted in a White Screen Of Death (WSOD). A database fix was about as fast and more what was wanted (the deletion was intentional, just not the WSOD) than rolling back to a version with that theme (called mydeadtheme here to protect the innocent).

From the command line on your test server or local development environment:

DrupalConDC Ubercart tip: use PHP form to do custom functionality, but embed later

Another Ubercart tip for the new version:
Create your custom action in the custom PHP, but then put it into code and use it that way for performance and maintainability.


Storing credit card numbers with Ubercart?

This was a client request.

Answer: No.

I spoke with the developer of Ubercart during the Drupal conference we attended last week.

Drupal function for stripping spaces and unsafe things to make the system machine name

what's a function that does the job of replacing spaces with underscores, lowering case of letters, stripping out non-alphanumerics?
less complex than pathauto. i need to do what the content_type.js file does, but in php

Not what we're looking for (from

Sharing a complex Drupal patch for contributing to core, with git

cvs -z6 checkout drupal
cd drupal/
git init
git add *
git status
git add .htaccess
git commit -m 'first commit of unmodified current Drupal 7 head'
git remote add origin
git push origin
patch -p0 < terms_as_fields.patch
git status
git commit -a -m "bangpound's proof of concept working fundamentals of getting CCK fields for terms and deprecating taxonomy_nodeapi"
git push

DrupalConDC Business Analytics with Views (Charting)

Java vs PHP
Struts vs Drupal

Views + ViewsCharts = Charts

New module, contributed to ... at 6 a.m.

Click and make the chart.


planning to also implement commercial AmCharts and Google Charts.

Except: It's not All That Easy.

SQL Grouping and Aggregation.

Views group by views_groupby module, which we hope will become part of views.

Why not ?

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