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Disabling or moving node/add/[content-type] links from beneath "Add content" in the navigation menu also removes them from the Add content page (node/add)

Short story: Turn the navigation menu off on any site for which you are customizing the user experience, it is only going to cause you pain.

Seeing "You have not created any content types yet. Go to the content type creation page to add a new content type." when you know darn well you have content? And node/add/page, say, still works?

Is it a bug, a feature, or 'gee. huh' that moving a content add form out from under "Add content" in the navigation menu will also remove it from the node/add page?

Clean up and rationalize Drupal core Taxonomy Term Add and Edit form

I can't believe no one has done this!

Simplify the taxonomy interface for administrators by removing the taxonomy related terms box...

drupal taxonomy hide related terms
drupal form tweaks remove related terms

The commit message upon completion...

"Clean taxonomy term add / edit form by removing related terms and moving parents from the closed advanced fieldset to the open identification fieldset if the vocabulary has already been made hierarchical."

And the code:

Increase Drupal logout time limit

4.7 era answer:

Increase cookie lifetime in settings.php with an ini_set command or, recommended, use the persistent login module:


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