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Set the return path for e-mail sent by a web server


this is set for us, but apache process (Linux user www-data) still is sending e-mail as

Won't send email

help with drupal sending mail

I think I've identified our problem:

php mail() set from address

Timelines in Drupal

this is what i'm workign on

benjamin melançon
There's a Drupal module for that (and it's sure to be better than poll module, which is getting voted out of core), but it's not up to date:

Edit Term Love

(This arrived in the Agaric inbox this morning.)


I wanted to send a love letter to the Edit term module but found your contact information instead. Can you forward this to Edit term?

Dear Edit term,

You never let me down. True to your project page description, you make editing terms easy and effortless. I'm so happy with our relationship -- you don't even have any baggage by creating unecessary database tables. You are one of the most useful modules to grace my Drupal installations. Edit term, I love you!

Topics and Questions to Agaric from a Request for Proposal

From a Request for Proposal, some pretty good questions about our practices, policies, and offerings:


Along with your standard practice for responding to proposals, please
address the following topics and questions in your proposal.

Design Tools and Process

Provide resend password option on duplicate email login error

[Update: Newer versions of the attached below are available. Ask.]

The request came in this form, from my co-Collective member Dan, responding to a call from the executive director of Amazing Things Arts Center:

he said some people forgot what their username was on the site, and now when they're trying to make new accounts it says "email already registered' blah blah blah...

How to use Less Than or Greater Than in a switch statement


(From rnreekez in the comments, syntax modified to conform to Drupal's more verbose coding standards.)

Technically you want your switch statement to process for all things TRUE.

Adding CSS IDs and anchor name fragment to a node title in teaser lists

I want to be able to have a link to so I go to the right space on the page.

I would say what Drupal version I'm using, but I'm ashamed to say it's 4.7.

Debugging Internet Explorer problems the Agaric way

Big ol' Get Firefox buttons!

Oh, OK, there's also another Agaric way for working around IE bugs, quirks, and problems.

Agaric Standard Operating Procedure (as of today)

If it is a border, box, or graphic overlapping something else or otherwise displaying incorrectly, get a measurement of a the thing showing wrong -- screenshot and the GIMP or another graphics editing program if necessary -- and get its dimensions.

Adding to the content types settings forms with form_alter


drupal form_alter node type settings form

How do you find out what the form ID of the node settings forms are?

The forms in question are those listed under:

Administer » Content » Content types

It's as easy as clicking on one of them:


And view source. A little ways down in the HTML:

<form action="/joeaustin/?q=admin/content/types/casetracker-basic-project"  method="post" id="node-type-form">

Server access via passkey, setting up sudo, loosening control temporarily


For the steps Agaric uses, see Create a new user on Agaric's test server with May First People Link.

If the user isn't on the server yet:

sudo adduser veronica

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