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Collaborative Software - Wiki Wikis

WikiWiki software, or simply wikis, are powerful collaboration tools.

Agaric Design creates custom wikis for you and your team, using the MediaWiki software that powers the world-famous Wikipedia.

We can set up password-protected wikis that are completely private, or access-controlled wikis that are viewable by the public but only editable by users with permissions.

Agaric Design can also provide lessons in wiki terminology and editing proctices so you can make the most of the productivity-enhancing potential of group collaboration.

Acquia forums closed to non-subscribers

Going to when not logged in results in this:

Thank you for your interest in the Acquia Network. You have attempted to access a page that requires an Acquia Network subscription in order to view.
Acquia Network subscriptions complete the Drupal experience by providing remote site management services, technical support, subscriber forums and more. Prices start at free, as in beer.

World Social Forum 2008 Global Day of Action [update circa 2018: domain no longer controlled by the World Social Forum]


In 2008, the World Social Forum was not held in one or two locations, as it had in other years since the first Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001. Agaric Design Collective created to enable groups all over the world to plan and publicize participation in the Global Call for Action, with demonstrations and workshops held in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

The site included:

Increase Drupal logout time limit

4.7 era answer:

Increase cookie lifetime in settings.php with an ini_set command or, recommended, use the persistent login module:


Semantic Web Firefox Extensions

Half of Agaric, at least, has installed these plugins for Mozilla-based browsers:

Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE) web accessibility tool and resource; may be better than W3C

From one of our favorite clients, regarding a capability on which we need to greatly improve:

hi again... i dont remember if i sent this to you before, but i just had a whole meeting for the past hour about web accessibility and making video files/podcasts etc. accessible to people with disabilities.... this site, it doesnt pick up video stuff, but its super helpful in letting you know how compliant any website is with accessibility standards ....

Twitter module for Drupal plus Facebook plus Adium equals end of schizophrenia

One status for all your online identities: the end of schizophrenia! Update your status on your Drupal site, and keep your wider wired and wireless world informed.

First, the Twitter module for Drupal by walkah is very simple and a little non-intuitive as to where to do settings, so we'll start with some Twitter module documentation that should be cleaned up and put on (pending the commit of a patch Agaric used and probably other enhancements of the module).

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