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Zen theme in wrong location on live server breaks sites using zen subthemes when database restored on test and dev

Production working fine, copy database back for test and dev, and the environment breaks, fatally:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function zen_theme() in
/var/www/example/drupal/sites/default/themes/example/template.php on line 85

And there is something different about the Zen being seen by the two sites, but the code seems identical, and agariclabs is a restore of the stage database.

Clean string for use as HTML classes and IDs

Zen theme has a handy function to take any string and make it safe for an HTML/CSS id:


drupal remove quotation marks

Can views template files go in a subdirectory of a theme?

Yes! And not just a single views folder, but directories under that for view name and even, beneath that, display name. Dividing by view name is I think as far as we'll want to go.

Organizing your Views templates

Usability improvements for Drupal 7 (or 8 by the time i get to it)

UI improvements for d7 installation
- take out language page. it's pointless.
- JQuery duplicate the time zones for the selected country (if any) at the top of the time zone selection list

Error (unexpected code 0) trying to copy large file from Mac OS X hard drive to external hard drive

The other option is to use MACFuse on your Mac, and install ntfs-3g. Then format the USB drive on the Windows machine at NTFS.

This way you can use random windows machines, your Mac will be able to read the USB drive as a Windows NTFS filesystem, and you can store 4GB+ files on it.

Use array_map() to apply a function to every element of an array

Say you have an array that's just a little messy and you need to apply a function to every value in that array... you probably want and not

To do this:

Be sure to re-add files to stage to commit in Git if you modify them after adding but before committing

Learned something new about git!

If you git add filename and then make some changes to that file before running git commit -m "Helpful commit message." those changes that you saved and tested are not part of that commit. You have to run git add again-- git add adds the exact version of the file at that time, not simply adding the file as a concept to staging.

Parallel Testing: for re-launching existing sites

Parallel testing is used whenever you are replacing an older application with something new. In this instance you will do all your processes TWICE. Once in each system. The basic question here is simple. Do you get the same results out of both systems? If not, is that what you expected? Part of the reason for the replacement might be improvement and correction. But in most of the application, you should get the same results or be able to explain why based on new functionality.

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