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Through the Ubercart payment details rabbit hole

To program you have to crawl on your belly through a maze in a dark mine shaft memorizing all the turns until you find the problem, grope at it with your hands until you understand what's broken, back out slowly, and get the tool to fix it. Then you have to remember how you crawled in there to begin with.

Robert Douglass

XML Schemas for Drupal configuration

Stefan brought up the desirability of defined XML schemas for Drupal configuration, and the niceness of autocomplete XML-aware editors could then provide.

Patterns module would appear to be the closest to providing this:

There is some conflict though, we think, between auto-generating and hand-editing XML (or any other) configuration files; changes should come from one source.

AJAX mini Ubercart shopping cart (icon only) as solution allowing Boost static page caching

We made a module for that.

Stole from:

Report back to:

Solution to anonymous cart caching?

Cart block always starts a session

MarkItUp HTML markup for textareas using JQuery with Drupal WYSIWYG API integration

Note that it is happily not a What You See Is What You Get attempt; it is an aid to putting in HTML / xhtml markup.

This is especially of interest if does not get integrated with WYSIWYG API:

Value Pricing

Jon Lax

There will be scenarios where the success portion takes months and you may not be in a position to wait for those results due to your business situation. For us, let’s say we have a client who wants to increase twitter followers. We quote the project as follows…

Store credit card type, automatically determined from credit card number, for Ubercart

If the user selects a credit card type, store it (this is committed)

A patch to fix this for admin interface also, linked from that issue too.

But that's not what we want. We want the card type automatically figured out.

Ryan Sholin's stock response to questions about SEO

The questions about “SEO” that I get through Aardvark invariably boil down to “What’s the best way to do SEO?”

And I reply…

Producing high quality content that draws in readers who share your work with others. Links flow into your site from authoritative places on the Web, and thus, your search results positioning improves. Yes, it’s that simple. The best way to optimize your site for search engines is by producing high quality content.

Installing Drush on Dreamhost

Dreamhost didn't allow creating a symlink from /usr/local/bin to drush

echo $PATH

did not provide any parts of the path that it looked like sudo-less users would have access to.

Fortunately, the below instructions worked well:

Imagemaps in Drupal


An imagemap is a single image that by some ancient HTML 1.0 specification can have different parts of the image assigned to different links. The parts are defined by coordinates that no human should have to try to generate manually.

Review of Revision Moderation Modules – complex, most sites do not need its advanced permissions, well maintained, does NOT allow handling of not-yet-published content in the same workflow. Even worse, you cannot use Drupal core capabilities to leave unpublished, review, and then publish, because it takes over these settings per content type.

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