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Where does Simplenews hide not-yet-confirmed subscribers?

Any e-mail address that signs up is immediately added to the simplenews_subscribers table as an activated user. Users are only deactivated if they do so (or are made so by an admin) specifically; this is what prevents people from being reactivated.

The simplenews_snid_tid table keeps track of what newsletters people are signed up to, where snid is the Simplenews subscriber ID and tid is the newsletter taxonomy ID.

Drupal Meetup NH (Manchester) 2010 March 11 notes: Version Control

Church Site in Version Control

See notes on this and everything over at

Version Control

Presented by Dan

Actual slides:

He loves Mercurial and Drush.

Overview of Development to Live Deployment Strategies


Plain Everything-in-code

Better Registration and Login Workflow for Drupal 8, allowing logging in or registering while posting content

Better Registration / Login Workflow

A DCSF (DrupalCon San Francisco) Developer Talk Proposal, revised and updated for DrupalCon Chicago, based on a longstanding Drupal usability wish.

PowerPoint presentation from Core Conversation (available in other formats on request).

GoodReads has an API

We have an API for developers like yourself. To let your users post
reviews to goodreads, check out this method:

If you end up building a Drupal module, we'd love to see it! We don't
have a PHP example for using our API either, so if you end up writing
something like that, we'd be grateful.

Looping through a set of IDs to set JQuery triggers on that pass a parameter to a function, such that it works

Corrected JavaScript to work for first variable in list (product) as well as second (rental).

Paste as plain text in Mac OS X


Going through ClipMenu with Paste as Plain Text set to Command-clicking on the item is an acceptable workaround for now (and attempts with Applescript failed).

Use echo instead of print in themes for speed?

Hat tip to RobLoach who noted this in the #drupal IRC channel-- if we want to squeeze hundredths of a millisecond more out of our Drupal modules and themes, we should use echo instead of print for getting the data to the screen.

UPDATE: The PHP developers don't recommend switching from print to echo for speed reasons, suggesting that the difference can be dependent on the setup of your environment.

Random more useful PHP code speed improvements:

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