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Snippets from the first official day of DrupalCon

Michelle L: Why no node body - it prints all values in the body, makes it hard to isolate the real body when theming.

Michelle introduces us to
hook_token_* yay!


"I always make my own custom breadcrumbs in the theme layer."

Eric G. of Development Seed:

We identified clients with similar interests and needs and started building

it brought a whole new level of [reward, mission] to the team. I don't think we'd be together if we didn't start building managing news three years ago.

Drupal for MGH presentation preparation notes

Drupal for MGH

via Lin Clark

  • automatically update one site with the changes made to other sites, as for user profiles

Harvard sites:

Personal site style marketing brainstorm

was node/1379


Deployment and Development

An extremely abbreviated summary of developer's summit deployment breakout.

Josh Koenig summarized the discussion so far and tried to put a direction on it: we want to separate configuration from code and have a couple approaches.

Greg Dunlap (heyrocker) of Deploy module disagreed completely: there is no separation of configuration and content in Drupal, there won't be, and there probably shouldn't be.

And lots of clients, what they really care about, is content deployment.

UUIDs in core would be huge.

Strategies for Community Contributions

Development Time

Eric G. encourages you to encapsulate your work in a code page

We were working on Open Atrium for like three years.

There's going to be so many distros in six months, this will be great.

Everyone in Drupal needs to communicate much more about

Tokens in Drupal 7 session by Jeff Eaton

(Jeff Eaton kicks off.)

Canonical use for token is mailmerge.

User mail is hardcoded system in Drupal 6, it doesn't use token.

Pathauto. Everyone is using it, or should be.

Immediately we proposed it for inclusion in Drupal core. More than three years ago.

Really, it wasn't good enough for core.

Organization: An all-you-can-eat buffet of crazy-- too many modules made tokens available, with all different names, and no categorization.

Code reuse: Date formats are hell.

Drupal and CiviCRM Jane Goodall Institute non-profit session

In summary: CiviCRM and Drupal worked great for us. Not really any detail, maybe a good add for non-tech people in an org.

Cricket Wallace
[in glorious dreadlocks and a suit.]

Organization is mission driven.

Jane Goodall
UN Representative for Peace
and of course known for her chimpanzee reearch

Roots & Shoots Youth Programs
Community Centered Conservation (in Africa)

We're not necessarily people who use the internet a whole lot.

We're trying to get our stories out.

We needed better tools.

Theming tips for module developers session by John Albin Walker at DCSF2010

Reuse a theme hook if you can!


See full list:

Advantages of re-using:

Change core Overlay module to pop up for contextual links but not for main admin menu links

Webchick indicates that, if there is not an issue posted yet, there has been discussion on IRC and many feel that one or a partial solution is to split it to only be used by default for truly contextual links-- the links you reach from a page-- edit menu, edit block, edit node.

Here's the issue:

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