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On DrupalCon scholarships: We can do better

Wrote this on the post announcing the merit-based DrupalCon Chicago scholarship winners:

With 4,000 attendees

We can do scholarships for 100 people. We can certainly do better than twenty-one.

Strategies for Community Contributions

Development Time

Eric G. encourages you to encapsulate your work in a code page

We were working on Open Atrium for like three years.

There's going to be so many distros in six months, this will be great.

Everyone in Drupal needs to communicate much more about

Drupal Community Participation Resources

Initial Drupal community experiences and getting past the "I suck" threshold

Includes an excellent drawing representing her first five minutes in the Drupal community, which is almost everyone's first experience on IRC:

Diaries of a Core Maintainer #6: A tale of two developers

A wiki page that needs a lot of love:
How to make it possible to contribute to the Drupal project with small tasks in a few minutes?

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