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Snippets from the first official day of DrupalCon

Michelle L: Why no node body - it prints all values in the body, makes it hard to isolate the real body when theming.

Michelle introduces us to
hook_token_* yay!


"I always make my own custom breadcrumbs in the theme layer."

Eric G. of Development Seed:

We identified clients with similar interests and needs and started building

it brought a whole new level of [reward, mission] to the team. I don't think we'd be together if we didn't start building managing news three years ago.

Savor the moments when you identify common needs

Drupal runs three or four hundred thousand of the millions of sites-- probably no one system runs more than a percent. I think eventually one will, and i hope it will be Drupal.

you cannot build 3 million web sites one at a time hiring drupal developers

Our reasoning for developing a project is we were lazy, and didn't want to do boring development over and over again

Kathleen's DCSS is awesome. Created functions to get DCSS

Palo Alto - take training from CivicActions

Manda is explaining Facebook to Stefan by showing him pictures of kittens.

Training not tied to hours.


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