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Kerberos user creation and password changes for Agaric test sites

Everyday use

You can change your password at

Or when logged in to with kpasswd (first type your current password, and then your new one, twice).

Initial setup of a user via the command line

These commands can be run on Agaric's test server,

First, to see if a username already exists, you can list them with listprincs:

Webform 3.x, Webform Block, Mollom, and Salesforce Integration

(in progress)

As of April 15, reports are that the latest dev of of Webform Block works with the latest dev of Webform 3.x, and based on dates, Beta5 should also work.

Webform Block is reported to work with 3.x with a patch and some workarounds.

Salesforce Webform integration may be the sticking point for 3.x.

Eject a CD from Ubuntu

This is what worked to have my Ubuntu virtual machine eject a CD from my Mac's disk drive:

eject /dev/cdrom1

Agaric Design Collective profiled in academic paper "Snapshot of a Local Business Start-Up"

October 23, 2007

Kathleen M. Vranos

Bus 111

Snapshot of a Local Business Start- Up

Agaric Design

Part One

General Overview of Services Provided by Agaric Design

· Web design is a generalization of the services provided by Agaric Design.

Create a new user on Agaric's test server at MayFirst/PeopleLink

Creating a public key

The user to be added (we'll call him Andrew) types this in his terminal:


Then he sends his public key to the person acting as sysadmin at the moment. As an e-mail attachment is fine. For users not used to the command line it can be hard to find the public key in a hidden .ssh folder, but it is possible to use scp to put it on a server both the user and the acting sysadmin have access to.

Adding the user to the server

The sysadmin then logs into the test server and uses standard Debian commands:

Exclude the current node from also showing up in a block View

  1. Add an argument for Node: nid
  2. Set 'Action to take if argument is not present' to 'Provide default argument'
  3. Set 'Default argument type' to 'Node ID from URL'
  4. Check 'Exclude the argument'


Remove ^M from the end of all lines in a file that some fool edited with a Windows program

Where foo is the file that has the control Ms:

cat foo | col -b > foo2; mv foo2 foo

For instance, to take a likely Drupal example:

cat page.tpl.php | col -b > page.tpl.php.fixed; mv page.tpl.php.fixed page.tpl.php

Alternately, to do a bunch of files at once, use the *nix find command and the more convenient one-command dos2unix line ending changer via the tofrodos package.

Install the prerequisites first if you need to:
sudo apt-get install tofrodos

Clone a git repository that is behind basic HTTP authentication

git clone

If you do not want to put your password directly in plain text, maybe leaving it out will cause you to be prompted for it.

Must invoke 'settings' with Drupal add javascript function to have base path and such available

[not sure this works, actually, but this code as is seems to]

Called in ucmenucart.module

This is ucmenucart.js

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