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The Problem with Salesforce: API access not available to all clients

Allow API Access for Professional Edition - Charge for Usage

There are many PE users like myself that only need API access and not the other features of Enterprise Edition. Most API services for other companies are free or are charged on a usage basis. During the last session of Dreamforce this idea was brought up and many people seemed interested.

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My comment:

Webform 3.x, Webform Block, Mollom, and Salesforce Integration

(in progress)

As of April 15, reports are that the latest dev of of Webform Block works with the latest dev of Webform 3.x, and based on dates, Beta5 should also work.

Webform Block is reported to work with 3.x with a patch and some workarounds.

Salesforce Webform integration may be the sticking point for 3.x.

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