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Do not overwrite files when copying from one server to another

If you are searching for a way to not overwrite files when copying files or directories recursively with scp, what you probably really want is rsync.

It will avoid copying files it does not need to copy, preserving existing files of the same name and path.

For example:

ben@ubuntu:~/code/data/drupal/sites/default/files$ rsync -av .
receiving incremental file list
07-07 taking it all over.txt

Dvorak on Ubuntu (after something goes wrong)

Update: You probably won't run into any of the troubles below. See for how to set up Dvorak on Ubuntu in the first place.

Setting Dvorak as the default keyboard worked out of the box in Ubuntu. Someone else used the virtual machine and changed things and it broke now.

Currently, only way to change is:

setxkbmap dvorak

Using the system preferences user interface for keyboard settings does nothing and triggers this error in the background:

Banning IP addresses safely (not banning real users)?

Well, just googling for an IP leads you to places where they list that IP as a spammer, pretty good chance its pretty dedicated to spam.

Online Auctions

Please note that this is legacy marketing content from Agaric and almost certainly out of date, but is preserved on for historical and/or hysterical reasons. See for newer and perhaps better information.

On-line auctions, especially as fundraising auctions for nonprofit organizations, are one of Agaric Design Collective's unique strengths.

Sharing data between sites with RDF

Sharing data between sites in RDF (in theory).

The core RDF module provides an API for mapping RDF data.

Use the contrib RDF package to provide the rdfui and rdfx modules. As of right now, before the release of Drupal 7, the most up-to-date, 7.x version of these modules can be found at

For more advanced querying, the SPARQL module can be used.

Update: New modules for Sharing Data Semantically

Project managing, managing expectations

They are like me when i started out as a project manager, no idea of what the project involves or what value it provides.

It's up to you to show them that value.

It's very important that you not let anything get to you as a PM.

Have to be very clear that custom code has to be reported.

"How much Drupal do you feel you have to know? Our project managers want to know Drupal but they don't want to build sites. How much about Drupal, about development, do project managers have to know?"

We started with picking up copies of "Using Drupal". keynote at DrupalCon

Open comment from the public.

Webforms used heavily.

Cool and all, but not that much useful information. Sorry!

Using Drush to list your modules and their statuses: drush sm (for show modules)

On the command line and want to list the modules you have on your site? Fortunately, there's a module-listing command that Agaric's Stefan Freudenberg contributed to Drush.

drush sm

Think "show modules" to remember sm. (The official full name of the command is pm-list which is confusing so just ignore it.)

You can do all your usual fancy command line things:

ben@ubuntu:~/code/agaric/web$ drush sm | grep Views

Agile and Scrum informal session

Agile BoF

Tom McCracken:
Rarely do things just break.


"How do you structure the retainer agreement?"
So many hours per month. So long as we propose good solutions and execute them well,

can-ban - very lightweight agile, that works well for

"Company of only 8 people, i'm the main developer. Does scrum work this small?"

We've struggled to get scrum to work on a $20,000 project [that is small], just not enough cycles.

Hard to get it to scale below $60,000 projects.

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