User login

Kerberos user creation and password changes for Agaric test sites

Everyday use

You can change your password at

Or when logged in to with kpasswd (first type your current password, and then your new one, twice).

Initial setup of a user via the command line

These commands can be run on Agaric's test server,

First, to see if a username already exists, you can list them with listprincs:

sudo kadmin.local

sudo kadmin.local

Then, if the user is not present, create the user.

sudo kadmin.local

Authenticating as principal ldap/admin@MAYFIRST.ORG with password.

addprinc exampusername

WARNING: no policy specified for exampusername@MAYFIRST.ORG; defaulting to no policy
Enter password for principal "exampusername@MAYFIRST.ORG":
Re-enter password for principal "exampusername@MAYFIRST.ORG":
Principal "exampusername@MAYFIRST.ORG" created.

kadmin.local:  exit

To change password

Once inside kadmin.local,

cpw exampusername

To get more help, type simply ?

But wait, if you're adding a user to see a test site, you are not done!

You need to see How to add a user to a group.

Searched words: 
agaric webauth http auth LDAP kerberos kadmin admin clik admin.local: add prinp kadmin.local: Unknown request "add". Type "?" for a request list. addprinp client access to test server demo sites authentication of user for seeing test site krb password agaric test server access user authenticating login


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