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Password accepted, redirected to user page, but access denied-- login succeeds but fails by the time of redirect

login seems successuful but drupal site redirecting to user page access denied error

it was due to having cookie domain set (albeit apparently correctly) in my local settings.php

commenting it out, and i could log in.

Better Registration and Login Workflow for Drupal 8, allowing logging in or registering while posting content

Better Registration / Login Workflow

A DCSF (DrupalCon San Francisco) Developer Talk Proposal, revised and updated for DrupalCon Chicago, based on a longstanding Drupal usability wish.

PowerPoint presentation from Core Conversation (available in other formats on request).

Display a Drupal login form anywhere with PHP, including in page content

Update: I gave slightly incorrect code, I'm pretty sure swapping out 'user_register' to put in 'user_login' will work just fine:

dan hak 3:08
whats the code for the login block

benjamin melançon 3:09

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