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Drupal Meetup NH (Manchester) 2010 March 11 notes: Version Control

Church Site in Version Control

See notes on this and everything over at

Version Control

Presented by Dan

Actual slides:

He loves Mercurial and Drush.

drush dl ds ns vs
drush en ds ns vs

DisplaySuite uses database persistence so you would not thin that there is a lot of VCS going on.

hg commit -m "message"
(often not a need to add first in hg, it does it automatically in many cases)

hg addremove
hg revert -r 1

Um, i reverted but the modules are still there?

Michelle-- but, why do you have to delete AND go back to revision 1?

(seems that he wouldn't -- this was just to demonstrate time travel)

in order to change the files -
hg update

hg revert / pull /push doesn't touch files

non-DVCS systems focus on files, DVCS focuses on changes in metadata

Distributed systems are commit before merge

both mercurial and git take a [some ridiculously long hash]
hash on the [path?]
and hash on the file

git - 1,000 c programs
mercurial probably written in two weeks

when i say update my files from yesterday
Michelle: ah, so they turn into question marks

we use subversion - TortoiseSVN - at work

the push-pull was him coming over and getting it from his repository, or me getting it from his

If i were to make this

a DVCS plus drush is so fast

Drupal went to the git model instead of the mercurial model

with Python, there's no reason you couldn't do a lot more Drupal-specific stuff -- think Drush integration.

the production script was two lines

it updates the files

community is on Git because that's where linux went

I say, see also:


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