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Ryan Sholin's stock response to questions about SEO

The questions about “SEO” that I get through Aardvark invariably boil down to “What’s the best way to do SEO?”

And I reply…

Producing high quality content that draws in readers who share your work with others. Links flow into your site from authoritative places on the Web, and thus, your search results positioning improves. Yes, it’s that simple. The best way to optimize your site for search engines is by producing high quality content.

SEO and Meta Tags

(to a client, part of a long e-mail on doing their site. They had written that SEO would be easy because we could just grab the meta tags from the old site.)

A note on SEO:

Meta tags are, by and large, irrelevant to modern search engine results because they were abused so much in the past. The description meta tag, though, is quite important not for ranking, but because Google uses it as the text below the link that people can read before deciding to click through to your site or not.

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