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Override a theme function with a module

You cannot override a themename_ prefixed function in the theme itself. Nor a in the template, prefixed with phptemplate_

But for a function defined in a module only as theme_function_name, read on:

overwrite a theme function in a module
err, override a theme function in a module

No one answered him:

Increasing PHP file upload limits... capabilities is another matter

Upping PHP's maximum file size upload limit:

Your problem: the file upload settings page on your Drupal site (if you've found it) is telling you silly PHP won't let people upload big files, to wit:

Your PHP settings limit the maximum file size per upload to 2 MB.

There's two places that this has to change in your php.ini file; this can also be set in your settings.php PHP initialization variables.

Showing available variables in a theme and making new ones

Together these will get us there (creating the variable) but I have the feeling it already exists-- how do I see it?

function _phptemplate_variables($hook, $vars) {
  switch ($hook) {
    case 'page':
      if (arg(0) == 'node' && is_numeric(arg(1)) && arg(2) == '') {
        $vars['content_is_node'] = TRUE;
  return $vars;

Sharing Drupal pages on Facebook

You can get the most important tag out of the box with Meta tags (aka, for historical reasons, NodeWords).

(Having a description meta tag prevents your header or left-column menu from being used as the teaser text on Facebook, and Meta Tags even lets you customize the description tag text.)

But what of the other, more specific tags?


"Enter community managed taxonomy mode" block.

Given that there are so many little forms loaded for any node with more than a couple community managed terms, perhaps there should be an "Enter community tagging mode" block that let's people toggle in or out of having the community-managing aspects exposed. On the other hand community tags is a taken name so it would have to be "Enter community managing of terms mode" or something. I'm leaning against this right now.

Community Managed Taxonomy will NOT use relative thresholds

CMT will not use relative thresholds, as I considered as an option at one point.

The idea of relative thresholds was that if ten percent of the actively involved community wanted something, that's when it could happen. OR 50% of users who have tagged or voted on a term's name, position, etc.

Instead, CMT will use just straight numerical thresholds (1, 4, X users voted for this change).

Reason? To avoid weird stuff that would happen unexpectedly with a dynamic threshold.

Will money screw up the open source volunteer ethos?

Yes, I'm worried about what happens when you inject money where things were volunteer.

I hope that instead funding particular improvements will support, and indirectly reward, the volunteer code and patches that are central to open source free software development.

Not just Agaric wants Registration flow

From an e-mail from a person trying to use the old Drupal 4.7 auction module:

> Also, I though that it would be more logical to make Bid now link
> available from the start and when user clicks it, he asked to login or
> register depending on the user access settings.
> Does it look more logical to you? Otherwise, user has to guess that he
> needs to login to bid...

You have hit on my biggest Drupal wish, and I will definitely be working on it along with the Drupal 5 auction!

CVS delete directory?

agaric cvs delete directory

you can't delete directories in CVS

you make them empty. Then I don't know what.

I hate CVS.

OK, actually cvs update -P

maybe, possibly works. This is so silly.

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