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Commercial online auction costs

CMarket was the best there was when I looked a couple years ago, and it looks like it's gotten financially worse. Before, they stated the up-front and percentage fees, and all I remember is that we could theoretically turn a profit doing it cheaper.

Now, that's hidden in the application process, except for this ill-advised boast:

"Customers earn an average of $5 for every $1 they invest - an astounding 400% return on their investment which is why cMarket has become the preferred online auction provider for schools and nonprofits nationwide." (

Amazing Auction Enhancements

Updated to work with E-commerce Version 3 for Drupal 4.7
Files at bottom of post. Sorry about that folks! Module still Amazing Things specific in places, needs to be ported to 5 and cleaned up. Sponsors?

2008 Autumn Auction Season Update

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