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Amazing Things Auction Site

Commercial online auction costs

CMarket was the best there was when I looked a couple years ago, and it looks like it's gotten financially worse. Before, they stated the up-front and percentage fees, and all I remember is that we could theoretically turn a profit doing it cheaper.

Now, that's hidden in the application process, except for this ill-advised boast:

"Customers earn an average of $5 for every $1 they invest - an astounding 400% return on their investment which is why cMarket has become the preferred online auction provider for schools and nonprofits nationwide." (

Calculate the sum of an entire result set of values with a single SQL query

As tested in phpMyAdmin:

SELECT SUM( `value` )
FROM `dru_ec_product_zing_auction` AS za
LEFT JOIN `dru_node` AS n ON za.nid = n.nid

SELECT SUM(value) FROM {ec_product_zing_auction} AS za LEFT JOIN {node} AS n ON za.nid = n.nid WHERE status > 0

As actually used in a Drupal module, zing_auction:

Backtrace for a weird db_escape_string error on a very old Drupal 4.7 site

 * Prepare user input for use in a database query, preventing SQL injection attacks.
function db_escape_string($text) {
  global $active_db;
  if (is_array($text)) {  // three lines added for testing
    drupal_set_message('<pre>'. var_export(debug_backtrace(),TRUE) .'</pre>');
  return mysql_real_escape_string($text, $active_db);

Drupal search unpublished content

No answer:
How Can I Search Unpublished Content?

Romania had a similar issue:
Can't access unpublished content that needs editing

Zing auction site recipe

Here is the recipe for the successful fundraising auction for the nonprofit community-building Amazing Things Arts Center.

This is a Drupal 4.7 site. Note that Agaric doesn't currently recommend using category module for new sites.

  • is what I actually enabled for 2007

Auction site recipe:

+ category

+ image

Charitable support of arts

Notes from the start of Grassroots Fundraising: Secrets to Sustainability with Kim Klein

Charitable giving in the United States comes from:

Setting number of nodes to display in a category view

Warning: How not to write documentation

The below - which has been accurately documented elsewhere I think - demonstrates the danger of documenting as one goes, instead of figuring something out and then documenting.

More category-specific information: To change the number of items (nodes) shown on a category page, go to Administer » Settings » Posts ( admin/settings/node ) and change the number of posts on main page.

Nope, apparently I'm wrong.

Ah yes, naturally:

Administer » Settings » Category

Find a term ID (working around the category module) to have a node behave differently

find out what category vocabulary id drupal

probably easiest just to look in the database-- the vocabulary table lists names with vids, you can then go to the term_data table and sort by vocabulary if necessary, and look up your category by name.

Other option is to print_r everything about the category node.

For more, see:


We did it our way. Here's the messy, just-got-it-working

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