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Undo that SVN add

In Subversion, to cancel an svn add example_folder command before committing to the repository, do not use svn delete or svn remove or made-up stuff like undo or cancel.

Use the svn revert command:

svn revert --recursive example_folder

And all will be well.

Update: Commenter says this can lose local changes. Not sure about that, but my use case was indeed to get rid of everything so i didn't care. And i'm on Git now.

Share RSS feeds between two Drupal sites

This is the basic, basic approach.

Drupal RSS feed aggregator
external RSS block
display RSS feeds in a block

On the site you'd like to get feeds from...
Drupal turn on RSS feeds

just find the section you care about, try adding /feed to the end if no little orange block is there

Potential Users of Community-managed Categories

People and places that need Community-Managed Taxonomy, even if they don't know it yet, with which we should follow up when Agaric has a working module:

Community-Managed Categories Proposal as Submitted

[Proposal to Google Summer of Code 2007 with the Drupal project as originally submitted. Now re-titled Community-Managed Taxonomy to get more with the Drupal way.]

To introduce several features to enable communities of users to create and manage categories directly. Users will be able to vote to combine terms or to move terms under one another in a hierarchy.

Web Development for Nonprofits

We at Agaric consider nonprofit organizations to be one of our core constituencies, although a majority of our work is probably for groups without official 501c3 nonprofit status, for businesses, and for individuals. We try to stay in tune with the needs of organizations for good, whatever their tax filing status.

Agaric Wants an 'Anybody Wants' Drupal Project Funding Module

In affirmation of an excellent post by Daniel (dahacook), Need more structure and funding model... Agaric (well, Ben) posted this:

I applaud Walt's work in promoting projects needed financing and projects needing developers, and I see this [Daniel's] idea as a way to build on it.


Get a node's taxonomy terms that are in a given vocabulary

well, duh:


(No, I am not making that function name up! This is a function provided by Drupal's core taxonomy module.)

taxonomy_node_get_terms_by_vocabulary($nid, $vid, $key = 'tid')
modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module, line 744


Find all terms associated with the given node, within one vocabulary.


Firefox Shortcut for Searching Drupal's API

This is out of date, see

Update: Grayside has an HTML file you can download and import into Firefox from the Organize Bookmarks dialog with more up-to-date versions of the below and more:

Vi Text Editor

The Vi (and its successor Vim, for Vi improved) text editor for Unix, GNU-Linux, and Mac OS X systems is a way to edit text files, including configuration, PHP, or HTML documents, through the command line interface. This includes, of course, using SSH to connect to a server.

To use it with even a minimum of efficiency, though, you need to know a fair number of its cheat codes– err, keyboard shortcuts.

These are resources the Agaric Designe Collective found useful (when we started out, now of course we can type sonnets and ASCII art on the command line in our sleep).

Really, really close to Zing Auction launch

My e-mail:

* Beauty icon up.

* I must have broken something on the minimum starting bid setting when I did the special treatment for auction items. It was all working before. Bleh. I'll fix that.

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