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Really, really close to Zing Auction launch

My e-mail:

* Beauty icon up.

* I must have broken something on the minimum starting bid setting when I did the special treatment for auction items. It was all working before. Bleh. I'll fix that.

* IMPORTANT: The best way to e-mail people is through the site, so that they are pre-registered-- when they click the link they are logged in and can start bidding. This will make a significant difference in the number of people who get involved. Every click, every word of typing to register makes participation drop off. It's Internet law number 7 or something.

I can do that easily with a CSV of names, e-mail addresses, and (ideally) phone and physical address (since we asked for that).


Liza Moran wrote:
> Great progress - almost ready to go!! I did alter the text Lisa had
> suggested we change (looks like you looked at this too - thank you!!)
> Open items:
> - set minimum bids for items other than the live items
> - it is currently possible to submit a zero bid - needs to be corrected
> - sponsor section outdated - just put yourself in for now and we will
> add others as we anchor donations for the party
> - icon for beauty section - i sent you a jpg file earlier - hope this works
> - I am going to get the updated pictures this AM for the visual art
> section - will get these up to replace what is there
> - get link onto Amazing Things - can we target to get this up by dinner
> time? I can send everyone an email (or you can!!) with link
> Thanks so much as always, Ben!!
> Herb and Harriet - could not have done this without you - my deepest
> thanks!!


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