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Remember to pay attention to timestamps for anything you send to RSS

Timestamps matter for content you push to RSS, especially feeds that are picked up by an aggregator.

This is another Agaric lesson brought to you by real lifeTM experience. I started a blog post a week ago, saved it as an unpublished draft, and then finished it recently, published it, and added the "Drupal Planet" tag that is registered to get picked up by Drupal Planet. The post promptly appeared on page five or six of the aggregation pages with the week-old content!


About Drupal's main RSS feed

This post is about the main site feed, found on any Drupal site by adding /rss.xml to the site's main web address. (Drupal can also create all kinds of feeds for taxonomy terms and views.)

Share RSS feeds between two Drupal sites

This is the basic, basic approach.

Drupal RSS feed aggregator
external RSS block
display RSS feeds in a block

On the site you'd like to get feeds from...
Drupal turn on RSS feeds

just find the section you care about, try adding /feed to the end if no little orange block is there

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