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About Drupal's main RSS feed

This post is about the main site feed, found on any Drupal site by adding /rss.xml to the site's main web address. (Drupal can also create all kinds of feeds for taxonomy terms and views.)

Decide what goes to the main site feed by checking off which posts are "Promoted to front page". Different types of content can be set to "Promoted to front page" by default by editing their content type at admin/content/types and changing their default publishing options. This is the most flexible way to set it up and ensures also that people who go directly to the site and grab the RSS feed are getting what you want them to get.

All of this works just the same even if you have a static front page, set to a given piece of content or even a panel with embedded views, rather than the /node front page.


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Good info on drupal RSS

Thanks for this. It seems logical, but I have never tested nor thought about Drupal's main RSS feed when you set a page as home/front.


What if we'd like everything posted to end up in feed?

What if we for various reasons don't promote everything to the front page, but would like everything that is of a certain type to be put in the main feed? Say we want all blogs / stories in the feed but not forum posts? Could we not default the stories & blogs to by default go in the main feed promotion or nor?

Neat looking captcha by the way. :)

Two approaches

If you want a separate feed that people can subscribe to you should use Views or perhaps the Subscriptions module.

If you want every single post to go to the main page, set every content type to "Promote to front page" by default under the content type settings ( admin/content/types/story ../page ../blog etc. ), but then take over your front page with Views and/or Panels (instead of using /node, which is populated with content controlled by the "promote to front page" setting of each post.

And yes, ASCII art captcha is the best!

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