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"Enter community managed taxonomy mode" block.

Given that there are so many little forms loaded for any node with more than a couple community managed terms, perhaps there should be an "Enter community tagging mode" block that let's people toggle in or out of having the community-managing aspects exposed. On the other hand community tags is a taken name so it would have to be "Enter community managing of terms mode" or something. I'm leaning against this right now.

Side note of more importance than the main note: Even if you don't intend to have anyone but yourself tagging anything, I would recommend installing Community Managed Taxonomy because it's the only way currently to create hierarchical categories on the fly.

For instance, if it existed and was backported to Drupal 4.7 and we had it installed on Agaric's aging site, I would have tagged this post as "Drupal Modules > Community Managed Taxonomy > User Interface" (creating the category User Interface).


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