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Community Managed Taxonomy will NOT use relative thresholds

CMT will not use relative thresholds, as I considered as an option at one point.

The idea of relative thresholds was that if ten percent of the actively involved community wanted something, that's when it could happen. OR 50% of users who have tagged or voted on a term's name, position, etc.

Instead, CMT will use just straight numerical thresholds (1, 4, X users voted for this change).

Reason? To avoid weird stuff that would happen unexpectedly with a dynamic threshold.

We won't have actions suddenly taking place, terms meeting the threshold to appear or being thrown out, when cron is run and everything is recalculated for a different count of actively participating users.

We will not have a vote for a placement resulting in a roll back just because the active community grew.

Nor will we have a vote against a change (if allowed) resulting in the change because the active community shrank.

Instead, if administrators manually increase thresholds (which they may decide to do as a community grows), we will give the option to grandfather in terms and names (synonyms) and positioning decisions that have already made it to official status, that have been exposed to taxonomy.

This will be done by padding up the voted-in terms to whichever thresholds are changed by adding votes (attributed to the administrator making the change, rather than the anonymous user, so there can be community accountability.)

Admin-created and pre-existing terms could also get padded up to the threshold with this function.


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