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Acquia forums closed to non-subscribers

Going to when not logged in results in this:

Thank you for your interest in the Acquia Network. You have attempted to access a page that requires an Acquia Network subscription in order to view.
Acquia Network subscriptions complete the Drupal experience by providing remote site management services, technical support, subscriber forums and more. Prices start at free, as in beer.

If you would like an Acquia Network subscription, please sign up for one now.

If you need assistance, please contact us.

Thank you.

I hope access to the forum does continue to be free (the community subscription, which basically has forum access as its main perk, is increasing to $200 a year). At the very least it only makes sense (as an open business model, for search results) for it to be world-readable.

Somehow, a walled garden of knowledge is not the Drupal way.


UPDATE 2010: The forums were opened to public view long ago.


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