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Debugging Internet Explorer problems the Agaric way

Big ol' Get Firefox buttons!

Oh, OK, there's also another Agaric way for working around IE bugs, quirks, and problems.

Agaric Standard Operating Procedure (as of today)

If it is a border, box, or graphic overlapping something else or otherwise displaying incorrectly, get a measurement of a the thing showing wrong -- screenshot and the GIMP or another graphics editing program if necessary -- and get its dimensions.

Search for that dimension in an aggregated Cascading Style Sheet file (available in Firefox developer tools which with the web developer extension installed can be found here, Tools » Web Developer » CSS » View CSS, see attached screenshot).

For any debugging of Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Save a web page with an example of the problem as web page complete or archive or whatever MSIE calls it.

You can edit this file with a text editor (even though it will have weired artifacts) and just hit reload in IE.

Agaric's recommended method of going through the file is to delete things (non-macro-layout divs, preferably) until the problem goes away-- then you know where the problem is.

See also:


For debugging display issues in Firefox

Of course, simply use Firebug.

And now for IE

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