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Timelines in Drupal

this is what i'm workign on

benjamin melançon
There's a Drupal module for that (and it's sure to be better than poll module, which is getting voted out of core), but it's not up to date:

It was used in court though:

it uses/accepts the same MIT project


I don't know drupal thought

i can do a little javascript

benjamin melançon 2:06
ah, it's an old module anyway-- just if you want to start integrating it with live events or something, there's a solid base

kara 2:06
Benny, i need a translator with you sometimes

benjamin melançon 2:08
everyone does. I'm not volunteering to make the timeline js work with Drupal's core jquery. Had enough of that with the Google Maps module.

Arto's (the module developer's) other timeline-related projects:

Still work being done:

And actually it has been made available in Drupal 5, just not an official release on the module home page.

See also


Google JavaScript package that takes this feed from a spreadsheet and makes it this timeline / chart

Searched words: 
time line


Notes on underlying JavaScript, scale, and horizontal plotting

Any ideas on how to make them plot more horizontally?

*From: Harris

I've been playing around with the timeline tool

Right now I don't think it's that strong - since the dates populate in a
more vertical manner, than in a horizontal one, like the examples listed.

This has most things listed at the same time? Is that intentional? That's the main issue.

The other thing, which I don't know how to do (it's not editable in the HTML anyway that I could see) is to change the scale. It should be possible to spread things out simply by making hours and days wider.

The JFK timeline has hours:

Harris' has months.

OK, it's in the javascript:

var tl;
function onLoad() {
  var bandInfos = [
        width:          "70%",
        intervalUnit:   Timeline.DateTime.MONTH,
        intervalPixels: 100
        width:          "30%",
        intervalUnit:   Timeline.DateTime.YEAR,
        intervalPixels: 200
  tl = Timeline.create(document.getElementById("my-timeline"), bandInfos);

He's going to want to see about changing that to DAY or HOUR and MONTH, WEEK, or DAY.

Again, though, he's got many events all at the exact same hour. That's not going to work well no matter what.


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