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Edit term

Provide a link to edit terms like, uh, this one.

Original Edit Term module project page text

Current text and project:

Edit term provides a block on taxonomy listing pages with links to edit taxonomy terms .

UPDATE: With a patch from new co-maintainer Dan Morrison (dman), edit_term will become 75% more Drupaly as it provides edit and view tabs directly on taxonomy listing pages.

Edit Term Love

(This arrived in the Agaric inbox this morning.)


I wanted to send a love letter to the Edit term module but found your contact information instead. Can you forward this to Edit term?

Dear Edit term,

You never let me down. True to your project page description, you make editing terms easy and effortless. I'm so happy with our relationship -- you don't even have any baggage by creating unecessary database tables. You are one of the most useful modules to grace my Drupal installations. Edit term, I love you!

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