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Duck Programming

Duck programming is manageable. It starts with recognizing that while it may be designed to be carried out by people who are not professional coders, it is still programming, and must be managed with the same processes you use to manage code:

Repeated testing of core patches with CVS

catch telling chrisshattuck in IRC: I keep one checkout + db, reset the checkout with cvs -q diff | patch -p0 -R and usually re-use the database until it's completely dead.

Testing assisting module: set configurations through site's URL


commissioned by Top Notch Themes
test their themes
only way they could do this with a 2-3 person company

security nightmare, should never go anywhere near a production site

in the URL, you give it parameters - logged in, logged out, blocks

RoboConf will configure your site to the setup of the url

view your site in different browsers

using pre-generated URLs

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