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Add a replacement pattern token for a Views field rewrite results

Views fields offer the opportunity to "Rewrite results: Rewrite the output of this field". The option further specifies "Enable to override the output of this field with custom text or replacement tokens." It then provides a textarea with the instruction: "The text to display for this field. You may include HTML. You may enter data from this view as per the 'Replacement patterns' below." The replacement patterns, in turn, have the introduction: "The following tokens are available for this field.

Theming update.php and install.php not possible- Drupal hardcodes them to use Minelli

Drupal hardcodes minelli to be the theme for the update.php and install.php pages. Stupid.

  • Minnelli is always used for the initial install and update operations. In
  • other cases, "settings.php" must have a "maintenance_theme" key set for the
  • $conf variable in order to change the maintenance theme.

    // Install and update pages are treated differently to prevent theming overrides.
    if (defined('MAINTENANCE_MODE') && (MAINTENANCE_MODE == 'install' || MAINTENANCE_MODE == 'update')) {
    $theme = 'minnelli';

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