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Take a site into Read Only mode while upgrades are performed on a staging site

When you have a web site

There's got to be a module for that... (6 only, lots of configuration)

Report-back to this thread:

Admin switch to make site read-only


Make a new Drupal site project in the Agaric system

This is deprecated in favor of Deploying the Agaric Way.

Run from anywhere on the test or development server:

sudo /srv/scripts/ 5 myagaric

You'll see a fair amount of output, and the last line you see should be:

Site myagaric installed; run /etc/init.d/apache2 reload to enable.

Agaric move site from test to production (for first time) steps

Superseded by Deploying the Agaric way

See also: <a href="

For with the project name adcshoes

An extra step for moving from test to live, from the test server:

sudo svn status -u /sites/adcshoes

(This shoes -- er, shows -- you anything that isn't committed to the repository... like settings.php)

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