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Randy Fay (rfay)

Git rebase workflow and git ahead and behind messages

Update: Just set it up to be automatic.

For all new projects:

git config --global branch.autosetuprebase always

For existing projects:

git config branch.master.rebase true

Courtesy Randy Fay's blog post, "Simpler Rebasing (avoiding unintentional merge commits)"

git pull --rebase
rebasing applies your changes on top of the fetched commits.

Render in Drupal 7 notes

Drupal 7 Render Arrays (and the new Render Example) by rfay

Using the theme function: drupal 7 theme() should always take an array, a string is not officially supported. See Handing theme() function an empty string or NULL as its second parameter triggers a fatal error.

Installing Cygwin for Drupal patch testing and development

Update: See Randy Fay's Cygwin quickstart tutorial,

Many Drupal things are best done in a UNIX-like environment. One solution is to run a Linux distribution like Ubuntu in a virtual machine, as is provided by Another solution (on Microsoft Windows) is Cygwin, to bring the power of the UNIX command line to Windows.

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