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Business phone system and plan

Posted question regarding our needs here in followup to PingVision musings:

The phone system question


Search in Chandler

Fantastically helpful person on the Chandler-users list:

the menu item Edit > Find, or slash F (e.g., /f searchterm) in the quick entry (QE) bar will work also.

How to share a screen capture view

You or you could get someone to look into screen capture meeting software
Clients ike they sort of expected last time?

One client used:
"We've got to start meeting like this(TM)"
Sign up for a free trial of WebEx

Is iGoogle so pathetic it doesn't generate an RSS feed?

This is a service that lives by RSS feeds, and it doesn't provide one of its own?

I don't use iGoogle myself. I must be missing something?


Getting on Agaric's good side: how to put the cedilla under the c in Ben's name

Update: On Ubuntu, so long as third level selectors are turned on for the Alt key under System > Preferences > Keyboard > Layouts > Other Options, you can click Alt + , and then c.

On a Mac running virtualbox, this is actually option+, and c.

On a Mac (and the code for a PC) follow steps buried deep in this IM log... I wish all my tech support were like this:

Make iTunes use a better music database than CDDB

Simple solution from

That page also go over why CDDB is evil, and you should never contribute your labor (typing in songs) to the freeloading commercial in-bed-with-the-RIAA company.

I didn't know all that, I just knew it stopped finding lots of tracks and CDs it ought to be able to find!

Installing SquirrelMail

cd /usr/local/src/
sudo install -d /usr/local/src/downloads
cd downloads/
sudo wget

Chandler and Meetup Calendar Integration


I am a member of several Meetup groups and I am also a user of Chandler - - an open source free software personal information manager available for Mac, Linux, and Windows (plus a web version). It is committed to standards of course and I know can accept calendar events in the currently most common format, .ics.

Get access to the top bar on a Mac (File menu etc) without a mouse

Get to the menu bar without a mouse:

ctrl + fn + f2


Make Apple Spotlight index PHP files

I got spotlight to search my php files

and, if I manually set their type to text files, the .tpl files that phpbb uses as templates. (Note: this is a really old note. No more PHPbb. I do Drupal now!)

Thanks to:

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