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Project Management for Fun and Profit at CommonPlaces Room

process shouldnt drive development, it should support it. it should minimize the "what are we doing now" help to stay focused on the project

someone should be the owner of every piece

agile -- time and materials contracts ---

waterfall -- the more traditional linear approach....

agile good for user: centric social networks, web apps

waterfall - corporate sites and other informational sites

agile requires talented developers, clients willing to invest continuous resources and actively think about direction, constant access to design resources

Selling Drupal Services at CommonPlaces Room

selling you and your drupal services

entreprenuership is cool

true genius is pulling the threads out of the ether and giving them reality! (david lynch said a similar thing once!)

sales guy and a boss of 11 people, coaching hockey taught him a lot

if you do the right thing winning takes care of itself.

what is this? a little bit too much about lucidus for me

  1. ground rules

  2. how we sell drupal

  3. some things learned along the way

The Business of Open Source at CommonPlaces Room


Liza Kindred

open source initiative

turn free software into jobs
lullabot has 401k benefits

lullabot supports 35 ppl with families !!! awesome!!!

credit / attribution

  1. free redistribution
    of ideas, no new ideas, someone's already had it, dont keep ideas to yourself. everybody has good ideas

  2. source code
    mission statements are dumb, but understand the core values of a company is really really important

Drupalcamp, How to and Q & A session notes

drupalcamps session

drupalcampNYC - eric goldhagen

drupalcamps and barcamps - people getting together and being productive a lot of good coding came out of it

how to guide to drupalcamps

what is a drupalcamp
why a camp not a con
how many people
how much $
where are they held
how often are they held

Adding the date and time to quoted messages in Thunderbird reply e-mails

To add a date and time to the quote of messages you are replying to:

  1. Go to Preferences (on a Mac, at least, and this will be under the main Thunderbird menu)
  2. Click on the Advanced icon
  3. Stay on the General tab and click the Config Editor... button.
  4. Search for reply_header_type
  5. Double-click the value field of mailnews.reply_header_type, and
  6. Change this from 1 (in my case) to 2.

You're done!

Upgrade Subversion on Mac OS X using MacPorts

Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is the best or cleanest way to replace the svn used by Mac OS X, but it's what worked.

(I did not use this way, "Upgrade subversion client on mac osx," )

Instead, I used MacPorts:

How Google users search
Will let you "Find this book in my local library"
Using their deal with

My friend, built a lot of Google's search, searches for "Patience, Grasshopper" and find nothing that explains the reference (from Kung Fu).

92% say they are good at search
66% search less than one a day

How are they confident in a complex skill

People get answers and are happy. We can make them two or three times as happy.

We count on many searches being simple.

Where to save configuration settings for MacVim

UPDATE: I'm off the Mac for development and onto Ubuntu so now see at the link for the latest version of my .vimrc file for PHP.

MacVim configuration should be put in a file called "gvimrc" in your user directory:


Here are some configurations used for Drupal:

set expandtab
set tabstop=2
set shiftwidth=2
set autoindent
set smartindent

Eclipse not connecting

Eclipse php browser failed to connect.

It had a good reason.

Forgot to turn on Apache.


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