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Firefox not respecting CACert


To import the CACert certificate used by Agaric test sites, go to

Go to the Class 3 PKI Key section and click on Intermediate Certificate (PEM Format).

Firefox will then ask what you want to trust.

Background: Firefox not respecting CACert

Secure Connection Failed uses an invalid security certificate.

Open a .pls file in Songbird (play a playlist)

So as of version 1.0.0, Songbird does not respond to external requests to open playlists, nor by dragging and dropping it, nor any easy method.

Go to File » Import a Playlist... to take care of this basic task.

This is also the way to play live music streams in many cases– download the .pls file and import it through the file menu.


Git on Windows

Easiest maybe best way is to create a new public-private key pair in Git, as mentioned in Getting Started with Git and GitHub on Windows:

ssh-keygen -C "" -t rsa

Another fix for public key denied errors, mentioned on the GitHub discussion group, was

tuning my .ssh/config file to include these lines:

Wireless not working on HP Pavilion after kernel update

I like this solution, note 3:

Which suggests that the Ubuntu update works, just not with the standard (I assume the menu-based) network manager.

But if not the place to re-open and test and report trying new kernels:

Burn a disk image in Mac OS X

To burn a Mac disk image to CD, you can simply open Disk Utility (or have the icon in the dock or in an open directory) and drag the folder of stuff you want to burn into Disk Utility. Then you can insert a blank CD or DVD and click the burn button (the one that looks like a nuclear fallout shelter circle).


Songbird isn't seeing iPod Shuffle

On a forum that Songbird very, very foolishly took down (formerly at, and only existed in Google cache as of today, and probably not much longer:

Chilibird Says: Sun, 06/29/2008 - 7:10pm

Well, I mistakenly found a workaround to this bug. Bumping in case anyone else has a problem.

If one deletes the iPod_Control directory on the Shuffle, Songbird will recognize the iPod the next time that it is connected. So far, I haven't had any issues, and music transfers and plays with no issue.

Agaric wants to create a new text file with a keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X

Agaric wants to create a new text file with a keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X... until this half of Agaric gets over to Ubuntu.

An aside regarding Ubuntu: Is this functionality already in Ubuntu? Can you create basic file types from the file navigation tool? Is it easy to make keyboard shortcuts?

NuFile makes a contextual menu (not a File or Services menu) that I do not know how to create a keyboard shortcut to. (I guess I should appreciate the ability to create a new file at all.)

Dell Mini 9: An Upgrade Odyssey

An unknown tidbit that may interest you if you're a Dell Mini 9 owner is that the max ram that a mini 9 can hold is 2GB, yes I said 2GB. Why does Dell not offer that much when you try to order them you ask? That's because of good old closed source software, in order to ship the Mini with Windows XP instead of Windows Vista (because XP licenses are cheaper), there are some hardware specs that the Mini needs to be below, one of which is a maximum installed memory of 1GB.

Battery Care PSA

If you are a "normal" person, you probably have at least one device kicking around your arsenal that uses a good old lithium ion battery. These are usually found in phones, mp3 players, laptops, etc... basically portable things that use a lot of power.

There are a lot of opinions out there on best practices with batteries, below are some decent guidelines that should keep the relationship between you and your precious device happy and productive...


The main points are bascially:

Tomboy GNU-Linux Gnome notetaking application on Mac OS X

The open source free software world once again proves better than the locked-down proprietary world on truly wanted features with Tomboy:

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