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Using Ubiquity to post notes to Drupal

Good instructions for a particular method here:

Followed but not currently using because of after installing the command by phoque command Ubiquity threw (apparently harmless) errors, and the process for modifying blog URLs was not clear (as in, even just listing the ones you've entered).

Wireless Problems on HP Pavilion dv6000: Ubuntu or bad hardware?

Wireless suddenly stopped working on my mother's Ubuntu-ized HP laptop.

It's the lousy hardware all by itself:

Voice over IP without the untrustworthy Skype

Stefan Freudenberg:
Hi. I have setup an Ekiga account. Do you have something like that, too?

Benjamin Melançon:
Stefan Freudenberg

It's a voip service.

Benjamin Melançon
looks like one of my better bets on Mac
and given proof of Skype's evilness, I'm all for it

Semantic Web Firefox Extensions

Half of Agaric, at least, has installed these plugins for Mozilla-based browsers:

Find other domains sharing the same IP address

When taking over a site it's always good to check for any domain names the client might have forgotten about. Although shared hosting (or managing multiple clients on a dedicated server as Agaric does) will show all the domains pointing to a single IP address, it's still a useful way to look through and see which may be related, and should follow the site to its new home.

A number of services will do this for you. A good free one is:


Installing Gedit on Mac OS X: Fail

now i'm engaged in my annual search for a good tabbed text editor
actually i just gave up

I'm somewhat pleased with gedit

benjamin melançon:
another reason to switch to linux


yeah if you think about it, programmers need to build these things, and programmers use Linux

benjamin melançon:
... or just use darwinports for now

Photo management software for Linux
- may be safest-- as the default on Ubuntu, this should be expected to be the one that at the least has the most migration scripts written for it eventually to better options!


4GB SD card in a Nikon D50 does not work


I cursed the card that I picked up cheap at instead of my camera

apologies to Taiwan... the 4GB SD card (Secure Digital High Capacity Memory Card) from Taiwan, and more recently Abacus 24-7 didn't work 'cause the Nikon D50 only accepts up to 2GB. Blast.

Note to everyone: don't take a new 4 or 8 GB SD card with your Nikon D50 camera up a gorgeous mountain and expect to be able to take pictures.

Now to get a card reader and use the card as a 4 gigabyte USB thumb drive.


Replacing Windows with Ubuntu on an HP Pavilion Entertainment Notebook PC

Installing Ubuntu Hardy Heron on a new HP Pavilion dv6910us

[UPDATE: Wifi issues fixed finally with upgrade to Intrepid Ibix]

could not resolve

At least one other person temporarily got that error back in 2007:

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