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Voice over IP without the untrustworthy Skype

Stefan Freudenberg:
Hi. I have setup an Ekiga account. Do you have something like that, too?

Benjamin Melançon:
Stefan Freudenberg

It's a voip service.

Benjamin Melançon
looks like one of my better bets on Mac
and given proof of Skype's evilness, I'm all for it

(Found listed here: ) aka

Which of those should i get? (See attached image)

Stefan Freudenberg:

Benjamin Melançon:
very good
uh, account registration wizard not so good. I put in my e-mail address as an ID, and it expects my server to be the registrar, i think do the work!
the example is
if i try that as the rest of the address do you think it will work? Where are you registered?

Stefan Freudenberg

Note: Register with first. SIP Communicator will not register for you and it will let you choose an illegal user name. Annoying.

And same, or similar, error message as when I tried to add a contact while I had no account. Buried in Java error code (that can't be copied, which is really annoying) was this:
"The provider must be signed on the service before being able to communicate."

Maybe that means the contact I'm trying to add? As far as I can tell I am online.

Stefan: you are listed as offline, too. the only number that worked so far was It's an auto responding voice box.


I was able to add Stefan as a contact by using only the first part of his ID, not the part.

Also, we were able to call one another, and I could hear him, but he couldn't hear me at all– no transmission.

I was able to talk to the echo line, but the echo was pretty faint.

May also look into:


Searched words: 
ekiga for mac os x VOIP is Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) Open Source Free Software telephony


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