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Easily add content with update hooks: use default content module exports to create content that needs to be in sync with configuration

An approach for keeping content that is added as part of development synchronized with test and production environments is to use the Default Content module to export the content. It's built for the content to be exported to an installation profile's 'content' folder, and then the module, if enabled, automatically brings the content in when the site is installed.

Drupal 8 default content the Agaric way

For the moment, we're following the crowd and using the Default content module. It is nice and has built-in integration with installation profiles, but the export could be more convenient (multiple items of content at once, please!) and import could be made much more robust (given half a chance, we'll reimplement it on migrate).

Create a nodequeue programatically

In your hook_install() and/or hook_update_N() implementation, this sort of code will create a new nodequeue (if it already exists, you'll only get database errors, though this could be worked around with a bit more code if for some reason you couldn't rely on what the site you are updating has or not).

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