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Drupal as-a-useful-distribution development productivity - Robin Monks

Drupal core would be split into the required components, with all the optional components separated out, along with these 10 or so critical contrib modules to become this base distribution.

Each of these components has a driver, someone who looks after their component, as well as co-drivers who might only be focused on improvements for a certain version or adding new features. This group of people talk regularly to coordinate efforts and are steered by the distribution’s (Drupal’s) driver (Dries or someone else who manages a specific release).

Drupal distributions session by Omar Bickell at DrupalCamp Montreal

See also Hally Turner's notes on this presentation.

irakli and jmiccolis know more, this draws in part on their presentations.

Distributions contain installation profiles
(an installation profile does not contain a distribution)

install profiles are install time only
- run custom install tasks
- enable modules and themes

A lot of those on are old, not released, or unmaintained

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