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Project managing, managing expectations

They are like me when i started out as a project manager, no idea of what the project involves or what value it provides.

It's up to you to show them that value.

It's very important that you not let anything get to you as a PM.

Have to be very clear that custom code has to be reported.

"How much Drupal do you feel you have to know? Our project managers want to know Drupal but they don't want to build sites. How much about Drupal, about development, do project managers have to know?"

We started with picking up copies of "Using Drupal".

Temporary confusion about our client's name. At least they were confused too.

Despite a number of places with varying uses in the documentation, code, and public documents, the acronym SCF has been decided to stand for
Science Collaboration Framework
Scientific Collaborative Framework

or any other variation.

Good to know!


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