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Change the text of a tab, such as 'View', for one node type

 * Implements hook_menu_alter().
 * Use a title callback to replace the text shown on nodes' "View" tab.
function example_menu_alter(&$items) {
$items['node/%node/view']['title callback'] = 'example_view_tab_title';
$items['node/%node/view']['title arguments'] = array(1);

 * The title callback for the view tab; make it "Information" on project pages.
function example_view_tab_title($node) {
  if (
$node->type == 'project') {
  else {
// Returning a value is necessary.  It does not default to the non-callback
    // title, but instead presents a blank value.
return t('View');
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content type alternate label for node edit view or other local task tab



Thanks! A great help

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