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Web, Email, SMS integration

Next Generation Email list software, proposal by Jamie McClelland of May First People Link:
modular email

Amazingly optimistic and arrogant Agaric marketing:

Super User Role Module

Agaric once had an idea for a module, "Super Role" ...

Drupal super user 1 role module

  • runs whenever modules are saved
  • gets full list of permissions, and saves it for the submin role
  • (permissions are just saved as a text string)

But happily that module has already been made!

Agaric wants version control that lets Drupal core and contrib replace entire directories within our checkouts

As a small web design and development company, Agaric has a very specific need:

To have one part of a project under version control come from Drupal core, to have another part come from our selection of Drupal contributed modules including our own (and this would actually reside inside Drupal core), and to have the rest (theme, custom site-specific modules) be our own work and also reside inside the Drupal core directories.

We then want to be able to check out this conglomeration all at once to dev, test, and live.

Newsletter Signup Block for Registered and Anonymous Users

nope-- this is for nodes, as an event node

People who also want Simplenews to CiviCRM integration

Simplenews and CiviCRM
Module development · Drupal 4.7.x
ravijo -
November 16, 2006

Power To Ubuntu: My Kingdom for Yet Another Printer Driver

Posted to the Linux Foundation's Open Printing forums:

A driver for her Lexmark X83 printer is the only thing stopping me from converting my mother's computer to Ubuntu.

I will put $50 toward creating a driver, if anyone is willing to try. Even though that may be more than the value of the X83, I want to help start the practice and network for end users to fund open source free software development up front. (See link to long post about this below).


Agaric wants automatic installation of dependent modules

Posted to the 2008 predictions thread:

Many useful modules available for Drupal 5 will either be forced to merge together, or forked/merged substitutes will appear as people become tired of dang diddly modularinos (sorry Ned Flanders).

I don't think that will happen, and if it does I think it will be a bad thing.

I do think people will see the importance of letting newbieuser (or expertuser for that matter) pick module W and have X, Y, and Z installed automatically.

Making more participatory

Ben, you mentioned at the meeting that making the site more participatory might be a good idea. Just wanted to say I fully support that, would love to allow people to rate content, submit headlines (with high rated going to the front page), and submiiting blogs and articles too. Our managing editor has agreed to moderate this.

Modifying a view with a views hook: example of custom empty text

From wsf_action.module:

 * Implementation of hook_views_pre_view
function wsf_action_views_pre_view(&$view) {  // don't need $items
 // in_array($view->name, $place_views)
  if (substr($view->name, 0, 6) == 'place_') {

Stop showing irrelevant results from my own site on internet searches: de-emphasize listing pages


I want to de-emphasize listing pages-- I'm not sure I don't want them indexed, and I certainly want them spidered so everything else will be indexed -- I'm tired of our own site coming up in search results when it isn't relevant, simply because so many terms are together on a big listing page (as for a taxonomy term).

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