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Newsletter Signup Block for Registered and Anonymous Users

nope-- this is for nodes, as an event node

People who also want Simplenews to CiviCRM integration

Simplenews and CiviCRM
Module development · Drupal 4.7.x
ravijo -
November 16, 2006

CiviCRM integration
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emilyfrazier@ww... - - March 8, 2007 - 15:32

I am yet another person very, very interested in this integration between simplenews and civicrm

Mike Gifford writes that OpenConcept's Drupal clients largely use SimpleMail, the rest use CiviCRM Mail, but doesn't write if he's transferred from one to another:

There's my own post to CiviCRM, archived on Nabble, but it's off-topic
except for this paragraph:

Also we need a signup block that deals with adding people to the
newsletter group (or rather, sends an opt-in e-mail) without freaking
out if they happen to be in CiviCRM already.

Just Simplenews, with a better sign up block
Drupal simplenews signup block
Drupal simplenews subscription block
Drupal simplemail block checkboxes newsletter

these folks did it, but I'm not even giving them a live link unless they share!
simplenews module
[E-bulletins subscription form]

The Drupal simplenews module allows the creation of newsletters. By default, the module displays one subscription block in the sidebar for every newsletter.

We changed the module to list all available newsletters in one block so that visitors can subscribe to more than one newsletter in one action.


I'm about to make a module to put multiple newsletters in a checkbox or radio button signup form, and of course came across

Have you released that code, as a module or just as a note somewher? Can you send it to me, in any case? I will make a contrib module, or patch for simplemail, for this simple purpose, it would be nice to have a head start.

Thank you.

(They have a very nice contact form that reprints back what you sent, with details.)

Simplenews registration option on user site registration form - possible?

custom subscription pages


For now, we're using Simplenews with Agaric's addition of the Newsletter block module.

And a few more enhancements -- a subscription hook! -- in the works.

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