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Serving up a different page.tpl.php for different browser types (i.e., IE6) with your Drupal theme

if you figure out just the most major IE issues
that would be good enough

I was able to figure out some CSS background image display problems, but the frustrating failure of columns (right column dropping below all content, left column being pushed out in front of the main content with narrow displays.)

This latter is a problem in all of bluebreeze, incidentally.

Background graphics not displaying in IE6 due to use of padding instead of width and height values

Some IE6 fixes did not require browser detection

Wrong (as far as IE6 is concerned)

a#emailalerts_button {
display: block;
background: url('images/alerts.gif') 0% 0px;
padding: 135px 0px 0px 130px;
vertical-align: bottom;

Right (for everything as far as we can test)

a#emailalerts_button {
display: block;
background: url('images/alerts.gif') 0% 0px;
padding: 0;
width: 135px;
height: 130px;
vertical-align: bottom;

Making more participatory

Ben, you mentioned at the meeting that making the site more participatory might be a good idea. Just wanted to say I fully support that, would love to allow people to rate content, submit headlines (with high rated going to the front page), and submiiting blogs and articles too. Our managing editor has agreed to moderate this.

Why you should run your own blog (or join a trusted community)

(Also, why you should support the EFF.)

* Between Friends: The Perils of Centralized Blogging

Setting up a new Drupal site on Agaric, multiple module directory trouble

Setting up a new site into Agaric's system.

Some standard new site stuff

ben@server:/var/www/drupal-5_3-live/profiles$ sudo svn co file:///srv/svn/agaric/agaric-profiles/agaric_recipes agaric_recipes

[and a bunch of similar checkouts I failed to record]
[Including for the site itself into the sites/ directory]

Note: the agaric installation profile hit an error on a call to a token module function, but seemed to do everything anyway.

More on the COA redirect issues: Yahoo weighs in with strange error

I tired to follow back to your web page and could not get through. A
yahoo search yielded the same result: has too many
forwarding links to connect. I found you by following the yahoo search
link to from there I was able to find this
email address.


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